Humorous and Speech Evaluation Contests 2011

Speakers' Dream Toastmasters Club, KL

One of those events that the entire Toastmasters’ fraternity would always look forward to!

Speakers’ Dream will be organizing its 2011 Humorous and Speech Evaluation Contests once again! The event details are as follow:

Venue: Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam, Bukit Kiara

Date: 22nd August 2011, Monday

Time: 7PM to 9.30PM

Watch as our own club contestants lock horns conjuring the funniest punch lines for your diaphragm exercise. Leave your ties behind, throw your jacket at the office chair! This is the moment where jest and jape are the order of the night!

Everybody is invited! Even you… YES YOU! You who do not know what Toastmasters’ is all about. Come over and discover us!

We will also be extremely delighted, joyous and felicitous if we could have a Test Speaker for our Evaluation Contest! This is the greatest opportunity for you to get feedback from many of our talented members who are very encouraging in their evaluations.

For more information, take the liberty to SPAM and ask us about these contests by calling:

Vice President of Public Relations

Vincent Chow (016-9475600)


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