Tall Tales Contest (Saturday, 20 Nov)

Tall Tales Contest 2010!

Speakers’ Dream TM is proud to bring you the long awaited Tall Tales Contest! This time, it will be bigger and better than ever, and superstars from various Toastmasters club are coming over to become the biggest liars they can be!

Tall Tales Contest will be open on Saturday, November 20th 2010 at Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam. Click here for directions on how to go there.

What is Tall Tales?

A tall take is a fictional story with exaggerated details. We all crave a good “yarn” every once in a while, The best and the funniest liars will be there .They know that you will be able to suspend your disbelief and allow the speakers to entertain you with their creative skills of yarn spinning.

Who is able to join?

The contest is open to all Toastmasters with participation limited to eight from outside Speakers’ Dream. This will be on a first come first served basis. This is an opportunity to discover your talents and another platform to display your speaking skills acquired in Toastmasters.

Each contestant is required to purchase tickets for ten of your supporters from your club.

Rules and Procedures

The Toastmasters contest 2010 rules for tall tales contest shall apply.

Extract of the Rules

The Tall Tale contest is very similar to a normal meeting except that
all speakers that day will be regaling us with a 3 to 5 minute long tall tale of their own making.

* Contestants must prepare their own three- to five minute speech, which must be substantially original and certified as such to the chief judge by the contestants prior to the presentation of the speeches. Any quoted material must be so identified during the speech presentation.

* The speech must be of a highly exaggerated, improbable nature and have a theme or plot. Humour and props may be used to support or illustrate the speech.

Prizes for contestants

Prizes shall be award for 1ST 2nd and 3rd positions.Certificate of participation will be given to all participants.

Prizes for audience members!

Great news! Audience members also stand a chance to win themselves wonderful prizes from our sponsors!

An audience member can use their ticket as a voting slip, and be able to vote their favorite speaker in this order: 1ST, 2ND and 3RD winners.

The audience member with the vote closest to the actual announced results will win a biggie!


Please call for tickets:

Mun Yuen – 016-2187876

Md. Ismail Noor- 019-3211206

Siew Chien- 012 3113026

Or email spdtmc@gmail.com.

If your lie is not believable enough, your pants will go on fire!

See you there! D:


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