Division W’s Impromptu Speaking Skills 101 (Jan 22, 2011)

Scared of Table Topics?

From Division W,

If you are constantly worried about impromptu speaking, fret not!

Impromptu Speaking Skills 101 is here to your rescue! Finally, you can say it right in the corporate & social environment!

Conducted in a workshop style, ISS101 will be presented by DTM Vincent Hor & DTM LeAnn Tang, senior Toastmasters with years of experience in the Toastmasters arena besides being winners of many contests including Table Topics Contest (impromptu speaking). They will be sharing with us the do’s and dont’s of impromptu speaking such as listening effectively, seeking common ground, responding appropriately, enhancing professionalism and many more, all in a Corporate & Social environment.

Tickets are priced at only RM15 for early birds, RM20 (final week purchase) and RM25 for walk-ins. Inclusive of light refreshments. Send us a message or drop us a wall message and we will assist in getting you tickets!

Pls refer to the event page or log on to www.divisionw.co.cc for further information.

Bring your family, friends and colleagues! See you there!


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