How Toastmasters changed my life

What does Speakers’ Dream TMC mean to us? What sets us apart from other TM Clubs which you are proud of? If you have a chance to promote Speakers’ Dream TMC, what would you tell them?

We asked our members on how do they feel about joining Speakers’ Dream.


Lawrence Hoo:

1. President of Speakers’ Dream (2010-2011)

2. Stand-up comedian and actor

Speakers’ Dream for me is a place where I get to relax, and have fun. Every time I go there, I get to laugh a lot, sometimes too much! The people I meet there are the most unselfish, most generous souls I know.

Chow Mun Yuen (with the shining trophy):

1. President of Speakers’ Dream (2008-2009)

2. Champion of Tall Tales Contest (2010)

3. Won positions for Table Topics Contest in Club and Area Levels for many years

It is a great club to bring the best out of me! I can be creative, I can be myself here and nobody cares. The positive energy in this club swarms me with enthusiasm and excitement. Feeling low or depressed? Not for long when you are funny, positive, creative, generous, helpful and knowledgeable members around you!


K. Loghandran :

1. 1st Runner Up in World Championship of Public Speaking in America (2008)

2. Public speaking trainer

3. Stand-up comedian, and drama director

4. Director of his own company

This is the only club in the world that nurtures Toastmasters members more than any other Toastmaster club. How?

It organizes events that allows expression of the individual through various platforms other than multi disciplinary approaches. In the past, if you wanted to be a trainer, we organized seminars where prospective trainers were given one hour slots to strut their stuff.

If your body language was weak, we organized karaoke sessions to let your body flow.

If you wanted to test your skills to a much harsher public, we organized drama at the Actors’ Studio and PJ Live Arts.

We are also the only club in Malaysia that goes the extra mile to organize the Tall Tales Contest every year for other club Toastmasters to participate too.

We also have placed our Toastmasters in public stand-up comedy skits at the Actors Studio.

We have also entered the filming foray by doing a short film on Toastmasters.

Personally, I am there to support anyone who likes to experiment.

I have also recently landed a training contract because a training manager saw me perform at our Toastmasters Club one year ago.

As a comedian/ director in search of new ideas, I just have to come to Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters Club and scoop some of the pointers of the various members performing.

I am so indebted to this club that I am proud to give of myself. All you have to do to succeed is to say “Yes” when the club asks you to do anything. Everything I do transforms me.

We are also practicing the One Malaysia concept here.

If you join Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters Club, the return on investment of time and the small subscription is priceless.

Friends, when you do anything for free for anybody or any institution, your account in the heavens is credited. Then watch the benefits and rewards shower on you.

This is one club where if you show the little nuances of commitment, they immediately groom you to leadership positions. As a trainer, I can say that this training is priceless.


Ng Lay Choo:

1. Area W6 Governor (2009-2010)

2. Lecturer in TAR College

So what does Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters meant to me?

It is a place for tears,


Tears of FUN

Tears of JOY


The learning continues with SDTMC for me. Thanks for having great people like all of you. Great people makes a great club and it is none other than Speakers’ Dream.


Ming-See Michele Chang:

Student in TAR College

Speakers’ Dream is a great place where I can get to laugh and listen to many interesting speeches, and of course learn from others as well. It is a club with amazing members! Best place to go ‘clubbing’!


Vincent Chow (far left):

1. Student in TAR College

2. Vice President of Education for TAR College Toastmasters Club

Last year in April 2010, I was introduced to Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters Club at the peak when I felt stressed out with my studies in college. I attempted my first ever Table Topic and was extremely nervous doing it.

The question was “Name the insect that you are scared the most”. Out of hesitation, I started off saying “The insect that I am scared the most is not as scary as my mother!”

I thought that was the most embarrassing moment for me, going on my instinct talking about my mother! However, my listeners liked my joke very much, and I was awarded the Best Table Topic Speaker on that day.

I felt so good practicing my speeches in Speakers’ Dream because the members in Speakers’ Dream were so supportive and encouraging, wanting me to do my personal best in the things I do.

My earlier speeches were a disaster for me, because I used to spoke like a jitter bug, and my speeches seem to bore the life out of my listeners. I also had this phobia called ‘eye contact phobia’ because I’m terrified when I look at people’s eyes! If I pulled up my trousers higher, you would literally see my knees shaking!

I felt so good practicing my speeches in Speakers’ Dream because the members in Speakers’ Dream were so supportive and encouraging, wanting me to do my personal best in the things I do. They point out the talent and skills that I can develop, and also give personal recommendations during evaluation sessions to improve my future speeches further.

I was also the least confident when it comes to leadership roles. When I was also being made the organizing chairperson for the club’s Tall Tales Contest in 2010, I was so fearful trying to run the biggest event the club always have year after year. Yet, even though it was my very first time organizing this event, there were so many members in the club who would give me useful advice and help me out when I’m also balancing both my studies and Toastmasters.

I also made a lot of friends from the Toastmasters network, and I learn great experiences from people who inspire me in the club.

Speakers’ Dream motivated me to be always at my best, and I seek to motivate other people with the lessons I learned from the club. The club’s support was immense, it made me so confident to charter a Toastmasters Club in TAR College, and spur my fellow college friends to join Toastmasters and benefit too.

Thank you, Speakers’ Dream!


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