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President’s Distinguished Club Achievement – 15 Years of Good Stuff

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Hereby marked on the 30 June 2012,

We’re happy to announce that Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters Club has finally achieved President’s Distinguished Club status!

Congratulations to our President Mark Lee and all of the executive members for the resounding success.

This marks our 15th year of achievement since its club inception on the year 1998 when it was formerly known as Institut Bank-Bank Malaysia Toastmasters Club.

The Distinguished Club Program sets the tone and guidelines for clubs like Speakers Dream on how to deliver good quality meetings for our members’ learning and fellowship, like setting milestones for members’ speaking accomplishments, recruiting members to sustain the club’s growth, and attending leadership training twice a year.

The most important aspect of achieving President’s Distinguished Club status is not the achievement of the outcome, but it is our effort towards achieving the outcome that really matters. And of course, having lots of fun in the process!

Interesting highlights from our last meeting of the term (photo credits to Mark Lee):

Douglas using good body language to let the audience imagine seeing him driving a car.

Grammarian, CC Chew Chun Keat reporting any bad grammar and inspiring use of English quotes.

Our guest won Best Table Topic Speaker for the day.

Best Assignment Speaker, TM Douglas Choong

Best Assignment Evaluator, ACS Alfred Koh