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Division W International Speech & Table Topics Contest

This is indeed a day of break-though, not only old records were broken, new trophy was broken too!! (Seriously)…

Div W Governor, Marian Lee, ACG ALB

It was hot and sweaty on this Saturday afternoon, but no heat would tempt the Division W International Speech and Table Topics contestants to strip off their smart coats and ties, as they spiked up the heat competing for an opportunity to represent Division W in the upcoming District 51 contest.

If that wasn’t hot enough, our Area W5 Governor, John Cheah, ACG CL outshined in his bright yellow ‘Chinese samfu’. Kungfu master in the house!

Division W contest took place at Goldhill Club, Kepong from 1.00pm onwards on 17 March 2012, Saturday. I was very fortunate because the contest actually took place just next to my house, and I was eager to listen to quality speeches by contestants from Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters, MAICSA Toastmasters, HSBC Toastmasters, Sai Masters Toastmasters, and TTDI Toastmasters.

I was impressed with speakers like E Son Lee, who took life lessons out of the man without arms and legs, Nick Vujicic and laughed out loud with Lawrence Hoo’s rendition of the End of the World 2012.  Teo Soo Loon’s speech to ‘Smell the Roses’ taught us to appreciate living our life in its present moment, but it was Dominic Teoh who was the last speaker, actually combined all the contestants’ speech materials to make up his final interpretation on the “Meaning of Death”.

One speaker that actually caught my eye was Lee Han Sen from TTDI-TMC, who has grown so much out of the close mentorship he received from his club members. Vincent Hor actually told him last year, that he was confident he would win this year’s contest. And so it happened, he indeed won 1st place in the International Speech Contest with his speech “Not Good Enough”.

Table Topics soon followed after the good chicken curry lunch, and the following speakers: Lee Xi Wen, Guok Lee Lee, Dharma, E Son Lee and Mark Lee were surely unprepared to speak impromptu!

The topic that came up was “No Choice or Many Choices?”  No topic was tough as all Table Topic contestants breezed their way to get their message across as they decide which is better – having no choice or many choices. However, it was Mark Lee who came up with the best example: He tackled both sides of the topic, and he was the only one who did that compared to all the contestants.

That it was good not to have a choice, and it is also good to have many choices (albeit being single is also a choice), but he arrived at concluding that it’s making the best choice that matters the most.

Finally, the contest ended on a good note with no time disqualifications, and everyone was happy with the results that followed:

International Speech Contest:     

1st Place: Lee Han Sen, ACB           

2nd Place: Dominic Teoh, TM         

3rd Place: Lawrence Hoo, ACS     

Table Topics Contest:

1st Place: Mark Lee, CC

2nd Place: E Son Lee, ACB CL

 3rd Place: Lee Xi Wen, ACG