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A Night of Schemes and Contrive

Speakers' Dream last group photo before our term ends on 30 June 2011 with guests!

Speakers' Dream last group photo before our term ends on 30 June 2011 with guests!

ACS Lawrence Hoo to incoming President, CC Mark Lee –

You’re up next!

It was indeed a memorable session whereby this will be our last meeting before our term ends on 30 June 2011 as we bid farewell to our President ACS Lawrence Hoo and his team of EXCO members, as we will welcome new faces for our next EXCO team for the term 2011/2012!

Our 27th June meeting is the last one for the current term, but it shall not be the last one ever. We believe that as time passes by, Speakers’ Dream will continue to be blessed with countless of enjoyable meetings!

Our President, ACS Lawrence Hoo, whom we have missed his gung-ho-ness for one month, has finally came back after a long jet-flight from London. He brought in bags of jokes from his trip in London. The funniest one was when a British did not allow him to enter a bar because he looked underage! And Lawrence was mildly offended for being called young! Imagine that.

(Lawrence took this window of opportunity by saying if either TM Michele or CC Vincent, the youngest members in Speakers’ Dream. and if we would enter England, the British would call us ‘kindergarten kids’!)

Introduction Session

Our VPE Pearly and the rest of Speakers’ Dream were pleasantly surprised to see plenty of guests and seasoned (M.I.A.) members who came for this meeting too! Our VPE was pleasantly surprised to see many new and also familiar guests who made it.

Darcy Steinhardt, also back from his ’80 days around the world’ invited his cousin sister, Chloe from Australia who is entirely new to Toastmasters.

Darcy Steinhardt with curious cousin sis Chloe.

Samantha, a previous guest from our Father’s Day meeting, also made it. She was a Toastmaster member from a Mandarin club, and after being impressed on how an English club like Speakers’ Dream run its meetings and quickly decided to join as member!

Nora, a new guest entirely clueless about Toastmasters, has decided to see for herself what is our club all about;

CC Alfred Koh from Gua Musang, Kelantan also invited his dearest friend, Eva (and she’s so kind and humble); and

Cynthia with her bubbly parents all the way from Dallas, United States of America!

ATMS Lim Hin Chong volunteered to become the Toastmaster of the Evening as it is customary for Speakers’ Dream to have him as TME for every starting and ending of every term.

‘Russian Roulette’ Table Topics session

The meeting kicked off with a fantastic Table Topics session by TM Aru Chellappan and his topics varied with excitement. CC Darcy Steinhardt stepped in first and talked on his “Vacation“, remembering back on his amazing trip in New Orleans.

ATMB Koh Teck Lee was the second to go, and he got an entirely intimate topic that he spoke on before – “Handphone and Internet“. It was the same topic he did back in the Table Topics contest many months ago!

TM Patrick Xavier, whose hometown is India, confidently get straight to his topic as an elected ‘Mayor of Kuala Lumpur’, and one of his interesting points was when he wanted to eradicate ‘push-pockets’! Of course, all of us are familiar with pick-pockets… but push-pockets? Vincent joked “Do they put in money into our pockets?” Everyone laughed, and it was indeed true. Push-pockets put money into your pocket AND accuse you of stealing it. Who would have thought, ladies and gentlemen?

Our two guests, Cynthia and her father together attempted Table Topics as a father-son duo team. Cynthia got herself a very interesting topic when she was presented an “unknown flag”. Cynthia got lots of laughs when she pretended to be the King to splash numerous colors on his new national flag. To much of her surprise, TM Aru told him “You make a great King for the country of Venezuala!”

Cynthia’s dad was so encouraged to see his son speak so good, he jumped right in and made himself a mark on stage, trying to wrest the Best Table Topic Speaker from his son.

Alas, at the end of the meeting, Cynthia won a great victory over her dad, and got himself the award!

Cynthia - My cronies are color-blind, so they only came up with 3 colours for this flag!

Cynthia - Best Table Topic Speaker for a creative story-telling take!

Cynthia - Best Table Topic Speaker for a creative story-telling take!

Assignment Speeches Session

The members and guests were also rewarded with three advanced speakers presenting speeches from the Advanced Manual :-

1) CC Alfred Koh did a humorous story on ‘Broken English

2) CC Vincent Chow also with a funny story titled ‘Oh No! The Dentist!’

3) Lawrence Hoo doing his last Advanced Speech on ‘After Dinner’, thus conferring him the title of Advanced Communicator Silver.

The Best Assignment Speaker goes to CC Alfred Koh because everyone loves a speaker speaking broken English. What a good tactic!

CC Alfred Koh rubbing off his nervous sweat before his turn to speak.

CC Alfred Koh rubbing off his nervous sweat before his turn to speak.

Alfred Koh - It's good to speak English-lah!

Alfred Koh - It's good to speak English-lah!

Lawrence Hoo in his 'After Dinner' speech - Thank you old EXCO, hello new EXCO!

Lawrence Hoo in his 'After Dinner' speech - Thank you old EXCO, hello new EXCO!

Evaluation Session

ACG Ng Lay Choo and ATMB Koh Teck Lee gave very constructive feedback to speakers CC Alfred Koh and ACS Lawrence Hoo for the great speeches, yet it was CC Darcy Steinhardt who complimented CC Vincent Chow for the observable improvements that Vincent has gone through since the day he joined as a member a year ago in 2010.

With that all-inspiring evaluation, the audience agreed to award him the Best Assignment Evaluator award. Congratulations!

CC Darcy Steinhardt - Best Assignment Evaluator

CC Darcy Steinhardt - Best Assignment Evaluator

And with that, I end my article with a wish to the new EXCO team:-

“New EXCO, get ready for more enjoyments and greater challenges up ahead! President’s Distinguished Club award will be a piece of cake when we strive hard for success.”

Written by,

Vincent Chow, Webmaster


Happy Father’s Day at Speakers’ Dream!

K. Loghandran shared his jokes as a father in a beautiful family!

Toastmaster C.K. – Stay committed in your decision. But be flexible in your approach.

Will I ever be tired if I start writing my article saying “It was another enjoyable meeting at Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters Club!” again?

Actually that never crosses my mind. I truly enjoyed myself in the company of my fellow Toastmasters members who were extremely encouraging, fun and would always laugh at any given opportunity! And this meeting is just exactly the same.

On 13 June 2011, Speakers’ Dream was on its most joyous mood to celebrate our lifelong affection with our dearest father. It was also another memorable meeting as we had four very interesting guests who came from far, far away:-

1) One was a charming lady named Samantha who was originally from a Mandarin Toastmasters Club;

2) One was a gentle giant from Australia named Damien, who looked an inch taller than our fellow member, CC Darcy Steinhardt, also from Australia;

3) One was a Toastmaster from Speecom TMC named Roger McGowan who delightfully evaluated our VPE, TM Pearly Chong for her CC No. 7 Speech; and lastly

4) The gung-ho Division W Governor, DTM Vincent Hor!

The meeting started off with a well thought-out introduction session, where members and guests broke the ice and shared an inspiring quote each.

C.K. - The person who I most admire is...

ACB Roger McGowan from Speecom TMC sharing his favorite quote.

Guest Damien from Australia - His turn to share a quote.

As if an angel has dropped down from heaven to grace our meeting, DTM Vincent Hor came to congratulate Speakers’ Dream for achieving the District Governor’s Select Distinguished Club Award! (as to the writing of this post, we have just achieved President’s Distinguished Club Award. “Double victory”!)

Division W Governor presenting the Select Distinguished Award to VPE, Pearly Chong.

We then moved on to our nail-biting Table Topics session. We really should compliment our Table Topic Master TM Jeremy Phang as his topics were really creative – He printed out high-resolution photos and made the Table Topic speakers imagine themselves as an award-winning National Geographic photographer.

CC Vincent Chow volunteered to ‘be volunteered’ and got a photo of a monkey. He got off to a humorous note by saying his monkey bear a similar resemblance to Lady Gaga! Other speakers like Loghan spoke on the undue pressure of fishing, guest Damien who spoke of his trip in Egypt when he got a photo of a pyramid, and also Roger McGowan and C.K. tried their utmost best to praise themselves as ‘award-winning photographers’.

The competition for the award was really tight, yet there must be a winner – and Damien grabbed himself the coveted Best Table Topic speaker!

Damien as Best Table Topic Speaker: Hmm.. Egypt. Where do I start?

The Assignment Speeches session was even a more intriguing one! TM C.K. who is working as a pharmacist, highly raised the importance of recognizing the labels of drugs sold in pharmacies. The labels will make a difference between life or death; or more specifically, human or animal medicines!

TM C.K. - CC No. 2 Speech ~ 'Registered Product'

Our VPE, TM “Curly” Pearly also presented another informative speech in her CC No. 7 on how to talk the ‘Baby Language’. Who had ever knew, that your baby’s ‘Oohs’, ‘Awhs’ and ‘Burps’ meant something really important? If only Darcy’s wife, Chrissy Steinhardt who had a beautiful baby boy a few months ago, would be here to listen to her speech!

TM Pearly Chong - CC No. 7 ~ The 5 Baby Languages

Meanwhile, our last speaker, CC Vincent Chow embarked upon his Storytelling manual by presenting a children’s story titled ‘The Talkative Turtle’. The hidden meaning behind that innocent story was to tell people to keep quiet and listen more. Of course, Vincent totally messed up the words ‘turtle’ and ‘tortoise’, so he used his final tactic – at the last part of the climatic story, he dropped down to the floor! And he wouldn’t stand up until the clapping from the audience stopped! It was dreadful and funny at the same time, as the audience clapped non-stop for 1 minute (To Vincent, it felt like forever!)

For kissing the dusty floor, Vincent deserved the Best Assignment Speaker award. (Definitely would not recommend kissing the floor again for another award!)

CC Vincent Chow - Storytelling Speech No. 1 ~ Better keep quiet or you'll become hamburger patty!

The evaluators then gave very encouraging feedback to our three assignment speakers:

CTM Ismail Fahmy as C.K.'s evaluator - I liked your speech!

ACB Roger McGowan evaluating Pearly '- "Pearly, are you the Baby Whisperer?"

ATMS, ALS Lim Hin Choong - "Vincent was a very animated speaker!"

The three evaluators battled to provide the most encouraging and richest feedback – in the end, it’s ACB Roger McGowan who won Best Assignment Evaluator award!

ACB Roger McGowan - Wow, shaking hands with the Baby Whisperer!

After the end of a very fruitful meeting, all of our guests were very happy and asked our VPE, curious to join as members for Speakers’ Dream TMC. The rest of us, went back home safely after Pearly wished us “Have a great Father’s Day to you, and good night! ”

Written by

Webmaster, Vincent Chow