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Effective Speaking Workshop Finals 2011 @ Bandar Utama Buddhist Society

What are your feelings when you come up on stage, and speak?

Note: This event is now featured on The Star Newspaper. Click on this article “Medical Undergrad Charms His Way to the Top in Speaking Course” to view it!

You arrived a few hours earlier to a place where you will have the greatest time of your life – the moment you open the doors, you see a large stage with a lone microphone in the middle, waiting for your warm embrace. You checked your shirt buttons to made sure they are all buttoned up. You had a short glimpse at your flyer and breathed a sigh of relief. You went up on the stage, holding your cue cards firmly in your left hand. You tested the microphone out, hoping it would work perfectly. You rehearsed your speech and it also sounded perfect. The audience are applauding loudly and clapping thunderously when they listened to your speech.

Just that, you were speaking to rows of empty chairs. Your audience are barely here yet. You were only imagining how would the audience react to your speech. Your greatest moment are just only a couple hours away. Better run to the toilet while you still can!

This must be the feelings of over 20 participants during the Public Speaking Finals held on 7th May 2011, Saturday at Bandar Utama Buddhist Society (“BUBS”). These participants are from the Buddhist Effective Speaking Workshop 2011 which was conducted by the Buddhist Gem Fellowship (“BGF”) and they practiced numerous public speaking skills for several weeks, and finally, this comes the day when they displayed what they have learnt to a  large group of audience members.

With the Buddha behind them, the participants have nothing to fear when they were speaking on stage!

A participant on stage: "Do you believe a talisman can protect you?"

I was once the previous participant of this Effective Speaking Workshop last year before I actually joined Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters Club. Most of them said during the competition that they were quite insecure and not confident of themselves during the starting of the workshop, yet they managed to go the distance. Encouraged by their fellow friends, mentors and trainers in the workshop, they presented the best motivational speeches and stories during the finals.

I was really happy that this year’s participants were truly amazing, charismatic, and filled with vigor during the finals. However, the point that I wanted to highlight is that:

“All of them are not Toastmasters! And they did it! They succeeded not by winning the competition, but by believing in their own abilities to do their best.”

All the workshop participants took pictures with their trainers, and also the Chairman of Tourism Malaysia and President of BGF - Datuk Dr. Victor Wee.

The winners of the Effective Speaking Course 2011 finals.

Written by,

Vincent Chow



Klang Bilingual TMC’s Debate Competition

Our President Lawrence in the Proposing Team

-Credits to Johnson Yike from D’Utama TMC for the pictures!-

On March 27 2011, Klang Bilingual Toastmasters’ Club held its 5th Debate Competition, and it was an annual affair pitting representatives from numerous Toastmasters Clubs all over Klang Valley and beyond.

Eight amazing Toastmasters members were selected and invited over, including our dearest President, Lawrence Hoo who was eager to debate by supporting the theme ‘Leaders Are Made, Not Born’.

He alongside with his proposing team members – Lee Xi Wen, Johnson Yike and Shirley Cheok ultimately won the contest, who emphasized that leaders are nurtured through trials, errors and experience.

It is also commended that the Opposing Team did an equally fabulous feat arguing that “Leaders are not only made, but are also born”. They went their all to prove their statement, and if you can imagine yourself sitting in the audience, you can feel the intense heat from both debating teams! Let alone having to sit right into the heat of the action, I’d bet you be sweating bullets!

The most impressive moment of the competition is that it was most of the participants’ first time in a debate competition, and they already look so seasoned in the way they presented their arguments! Years and years of training in Toastmasters have given them the confidence, courage and grit to do their best, and in this competition, not even fear (and the need for oxygen tanks) can hold them back.

Congratulations to our President, Lawrence Hoo once more!

To read on the Opposing Team’s perspective on the competition,  Jonathan Moh from DU’ TMC  ‘lived to tell his tale’ in his article ‘The Great Debate’ on D’Utama Toastmasters blog. (Thanks a lot!)

The Opposing Team

Workshop: Ignite Your Speech with the Power of 3 – 21 May 2011

Workshop: Ignite Your Speech with the Power of 3 (21 May 2011)

“Ignite Your Speech with the Power of 3” workshop by Division B

Trainer: Kay Wong, ACB, CL

Date: 21 May 2011 (Saturday)

1:30PM (Registration)
2:00PM (Workshop session)
*Refreshments will be served during the break

Lafarge Malayan Cement
Damansara Uptown 3, Level 12,
Jalan SS 21/39, Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya, Selangor (Google Map)

What do Promoters, Politicians and Poets have in common?

They woo you to buy their products, to vote for them, and to enter into their world of beauty and emotions, with the powerful use of three words, three phrases or three sentences. Sometimes it could just be a repetition of the same word, said three times.

The use of such three’s in English is called TRIADS, or sometimes known as the ‘Rule of Three’. This is one of the most common forms of rhetorical devices in communication.
This technique in oral communication (and writing) is so powerful, it is capable of moving the hearts, minds and souls of many people throughout history, even to this day.

When you are presenting a Toastmasters speech or doing a business presentation,

  1. Would you like to fixate your audience’s attention at the outset of your speech?
  2. Then rivet them throughout your speech as you bring them your personal and awesome message?
  3. And finally to nail them into agreement with your idea or proposal?

If so, you need to ignite your speech or presentation with the Power of 3.

Whether you are speaking to inform, persuade or motivate, do you want your audience to understand, agree and be inspired by what you are saying?

If so, you need to ignite your speech or presentation with the Power of 3.

Do you want to express yourself more vividly, and emphasise your point more stronglyenhance your message more memorably?

If so, you need to ignite your speech or presentation with the Power of 3.

So come to this workshop to discover why the Number 3 is so mysterious, mystical and magical! Come to explore strange new words, to seek out new combinations of expressions, and to boldly try a new way of speaking you have never tried before.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The benefits of the Power of 3 in your speech making and business or personal presentations
  • The different forms of triads
  • Some world famous examples from varied sources that you could beg, borrow or steal for your own use
  • How to start using the Power of 3 in your next presentation
  • How to mesmerise your audience with a more memorable and meaningful message
  • How simple language can be used to elevate, enliven and energise your overall communication skills

Speaker’s Profile
Kay Wong is currently the President of Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club in Area B2. She is also part of the District Public Relations team as a District Assistant Newsletter Editor.

Kay is a marketing communications professional of 20 years, and has been involved in branding, advertising, public relations, event management and strategic planning from working in various multinational advertising agencies. She is now communications consultant as well as a professional trainer. She holds a Certified Professional Trainer certificate from the International Professional Managers Association (IPMA) of UK.

She currently trains Communication Skills, Business Writing Skills, Presentation Skills, Personal Branding, Marketing Communications and English programmes. Her participants include both multinational and local corporations.

She does public speaking and workshops at conferences on various topics. She was also an Associate Lecturer at Institute of Advertising, Communications and Training (IACT), and a coach and mentor to trainees from the Certified Professional Trainer (IPMA, UK) programme.

Kay Wong holds a Bachelor and Masters of Arts majoring in English from the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

For Enquiries & Ticketing, please contact;
Area B1 Governor – Lim Lay Kun (Email:
Area B2 Governor – Han Lee Wee (Email:
Area B3 Governor – Sarimah Moshidi (Email:
Area B4 Governor – Teoh Chun Ming (Email:
Area B5 Governor – Paulyn Gan (Email:

Best Club Website for term 2011/12 – 3rd place

Speakers' Dream won 3rd place in District 51's Best Club Website!

The result for the Best Club’s Website winners have been officially announced at the Gala Dinner during the 18th Penang Annual Convention 2011!

Much to our delight, Speakers’ Dream won the Best Club Website at 3rd place! It’s one BIG achievement to the club!

Our other achievements so far :-

  •  We have up to a grand total of 4,000 page views, with an average of 40 page views per day!
  • There are now 10 active subscribers receiving current updates from our club.
  • Our two blogs, including our old one at Blogspot have almost 200 posts dating back from year 2005.
  • Our blog helped us recruit around 5 new members every year, and countless of guests for every meeting!

Annual General Meeting 2011–EXCO Nomination Results for Term 2011/2012

Congratulations to the new team of Executive Committee for the term 2011/2012!


Mark Lee, CC


Pearly Chong, TM


Chew Chun Keat, TM


Vincent Chow, CC


Jeremy Phang, TM


Ming-See Michele Chang, TM


Ch’ng Liang Wei, TM


Ong Siew Chien, DTM

Azlan Abu Bakar, TM


Aru Chellappan, TM

Alfred Koh, ACS


Vincent Chow, CC


K. Loghandran, DTM announcing the proposed committee team for term 2011/2012.


Our current President, Lawrence Hoo, ACB presenting his Presidential Report.


Our Treasurer, Chow Mun Yuen presenting the Statement of Accounts.


Big, hearty congratulations to Mark Lee, CC as President for term 2011/2012!

Wishing the best of luck as the new EXCO team will strive on to handle more challenges and inspiring other members once they begin their term this July 2011!

Vincent Chow, Webmaster

Oprah Moments at Speakers’ Dream


“Living the Oprah Moments at Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters”.

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life you celebrate.

– Oprah, TV’s most influential woman


Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters Club had an exciting Toastmasters meeting on 25 April 2011, with the theme ‘A Good Beginning Makes A Good End’. Our Vice President of Education has certainly mixed a good concoction of speakers and role-players for the meeting!

Even our newest Toastmaster member, Aru Chellappan brought his bubbly daughter, Asha along to our club for the second time in a row after our previous Outdoor meeting!

We are yet to have our newest member Nur Hamisah, TM to present her Icebreaker speech and Mohd. Noor, TM for his maiden Project Speech No. 10 to complete his Competent Communication manual. However, they were not entirely ready to present their speeches knowing that they need some more time to refine their speeches before their big moments.

They have made a very wise decision, as the founder of Toastmasters, Dr Ralph C. Smedly stressed that an unprepared speaker has a right to hold back, take a bit of time off and craft themselves a more polished and refined speech.

Despite the setback, it was indeed a blessing in disguise on that day as we experienced many great “Oprah moments” on that day.

Mok Soo Pon’s Table Topic session was entertaining, and her topics were easily attemptable and humorous. The first Oprah moment was when both Aru Chellappan and his daughter, Asha went up on stage as a father-daughter duo, doing Table Topics together.

The second Oprah moment was when Soo Pon cheekily ‘volunteered’ her husband, Koh Teck Lee up on stage to talk about his wife – right in front of Soo Pon! Fortunately, Teck Lee responded wisely to his confessional topic and Soo Pon would have loved him more now.

The third Oprah moment – Alfred Koh also participated in the Table Topics session and talked on how his loving mother, and all of us listened attentively to his evoking speech. With that, Alfred won the Best Table Topic speaker!


Alfred Koh – The travelling Toastmaster from Gua Musang

The fourth Oprah moment – Loretta capitalized on this moment and presented TWO advanced speeches from her “Communicating on TV” manual on the same day, an extremely amazing feat for any Toastmaster! If there’s a World Record book to note down any Toastmasters’ achievements, hers would definitely be the first.

All of us sat back and watch as Loretta, being absolutely pretty with her dress and makeup (noting that one of the requirements in her manual was to look beautiful!) as she was videotaped on stage as she hosted her own talk show by interviewing Lawrence and his meatball business; and then swapped roles with Lawrence as a guest on Lawrence’s ‘Hard Talk’ show.

Chow Mun Yuen, and our shi-fu Simon Soh who visited Speakers’ Dream once again, evaluated Loretta’s TV presentation, and gave excellent feedback on how she can spark herself as a brighter firework when she appears on real TV when given the opportunity.


Simon Soh, as Loretta’s evaluator and her video-cameraman. (Thank god he brought the camera!)

The fifth and last Oprah moment – It was also many of our Toastmasters’ first time to become role-players; CK as Ah Counter listened carefully and counted every speech crutch as Ah Counter perfectly for the first time, as well as Vincent Chow as General Evaluator too.


CK – Ah Counter for the first time


Vincent Chow – General Evaluator for the first time


Jeremy Phang as Timekeeper – also the Director of Loretta’s TV show


Hin Chong as Grammarian – Have you worked out enough with my Word of the Day “Work Out”?


We have enjoyed a lot of Oprah moments at Speakers’ Dream in every meeting, as each member was tremendously encouraging, ready to laugh out loud, and have a great time together.

Certainly, everyone of us went home happily knowing that every meeting ends with a great ending, and looking forward to begin another meeting with gusto!

Vincent Chow, Webmaster