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Christmas Meeting on Dec 13, Monday!

Hello fellow Toastmasters and followers alike!

Our next meeting will be a turkey-filled Christmas meeting on December 13th, Monday at 6.45PM.

Bring your family, friends, colleagues and if you have, bosses to our another fun-stuffed meeting! =D


Meeting Update (22 Nov) – Follow Your Bliss

The theme for our meeting on 22 Nov 2010 was “Follow your Bliss” and the word of the day, “Alignment”. SAA DTM K.Loghandran kicked off the meeting by asking each member to say something on a Malaysian state flag assigned to the member. It was a revision class for me – trying to remember which flag belongs to which state and to say something about that state! Tsk tsk…in fact I can’t remember I ever had those lessons in school.

Sergeant at Arms and Do your Thing person

Next, our dedicated President ACB Lawrence Hoo gave his opening speech by congratulating ACB CHow Mun Yuen for being the Tall Tale Champion where 9 clubs took part on 20 Nov 2010. He informed that this is the first time that our club came out as the champion although it was the fourth time that Speakers Dream had organised the event! Thank you President for coming to the meeting despite being not well. We need leaders like you to support the club!

The TME of the evening was Mark Lee. It was TM Mark Lee’s first time taking up the role and he was fanstastic despite only being aware of his role minutes before the meeting started! He was spontaneous and did a very good job in lightening up the meeting.

Mark flips his iPhone to view his TME script.

Our President doubled up as the Table Topic Master that evening as ACS Hor Kam Peng was not able to attend the meeting at the last minute. He came up with quotations by famous people like the Buddha, Charles Darwin etc on the spot. Ya, not only did members get to speak on the spot, our President came up with topics on the spot too. I think that’s one of the many things that made Speakers Dream so unique.

TM Elwinder Singh, our young member gave an excellent evaluation on the table topic speakers. There’s no stopping this young gentleman to improve himself and others.

Table Topics Evaluator - Elwinder Singh

There were 3 assignment speakers. TM Azlan Abu Bakar spoke sincerely on his speech titled, “My Charity Ride” where he talked about his experience in cycling for charity.

CTM Chrissy Steinhardt spoke on the dangers of ultra sound scan on babies.

ACB Chow Mun Yuen spoke on the dependability of technology.

The best table topic speaker and assignment speaker went to CTM Chrissy Steinhardt for her table topic speech on being in the moment and her informative assignment speech which was really very enlightening.

Chrissy Steinhardt - Best Table Topic & Assignment Speaker

CC CL Nini Yeoh came again to our meeting. She was the GE. I have to thanked her for coming to our club so often.

She also attended the Tall Tale contest on 20 Nov 2010! It is always so good to see her in our club, where she shares her knowledge and evaluation to improve members.

Our assignment evaluators were TM Pearly Chong, CTM Ismail Fahmy and DTM Ong Siew Chien. Congratulations to TM Pearly Chong for being the best assignment evaluator! The young lady has not even completed her C&L manual and she is evaluating members already! WOW!

Pearly - Her first time evaluating!

We welcome a new member that evening, Muzaffar. Muzaffar is such a great sport, he took up the role of the AH Counter immediately that evening!

ATMS ALS Lim HIn Chong reported on the standard of English used by members and ATMB ALS Koh Teck Lee reported the time management of the meeting that evening.


The next meeting will be an early Christmas meeting on 13 Dec 2010. Every member will bring a gift for the celebration. I can’t wait.

Written by,

Chow Mun Yuen

Interview with Mun Yuen, Tall Tales Champion

Dear Everybody,

Thank you very much :D I had great fun during the Tall Tales Contest. In good
spirit, Darcy and Mark congratulated me and they were as excited as
I!!! After all, my success came from their speeches too :D 

I actually had a back-up speech ready just in case my plan didn't fall through.
But listening to Darcy and Mark that day, my story just flow into my
head. You had no idea how excited I was sitting down there waiting for
my turn. But, when my turn came, the fear went away because I knew I
could do it. And of course, Kok Wah's speech was very apt in my story
too...hahaha. He had no idea...

Joining Toastmasters is one of the best decision I have made in life.
They say, if you want change in your life, do something different. You
would not be different if you do the same thing all your life.

My Mum is a very good story teller. She can just weave a story out of
thin air when we were children. And my brother & I could just listen
and laughed at her stories about cats and kittens :D I could make up
stories on the spot too and my brother could sit down dumbstruck
listening. Toastmaster gave me the opportunity to 'release' this trait
of mine or i'll be forever working in the office, getting struck in
work stress, coming home the end of the day and repeating the routine
again and again until i die at the ripe old age of whatever :D

LOVE to all of you :D

Tall Tales Contest Pictures!

Just to let you know that our very own Chow Mun Yuen was the Champion on Saturday at our Tall Tales contest!

A very huge Congratulations to Mun Yuen on what was an incredible Tall Tale.


For those of you who missed it, she took the tales of Darcy, Mark and Kok Wah and wove them into her own story making the ultimate Tall Tale! (The ultimate 5 minute Table Topics story!)

All of us in the audience were just flabbergasted! (Awestruck, dumbfounded, in shock) (Luckily she was the second last speaker!)

She truly is a master speaker!!


Congratulations to Vincent who did a fantastic job of organising and co-ordinating the event both before and on the day. Well done Vincent!


And also a very huge thankyou to Mohd Noor who provided a huge sponsorship for the event and also supplied all of the awesome prizes for the day! Thanks Mohd Noor!

Second place went to Leong Kok Wah of MII TMC and third place went to Emil Anthony of MAS Mawar TMC. Congratulations to both of them also, and in fact to all contestants who did a great job!


Thankyou also to Ong Siew Chien who provided the trophies for the day.


It was a great afternoon, with laughter all the way through as we heard 11 Tall Tales with topics as varied as “I am a mule” and “How Toastmasters actually originated in Malaysia” (not the titles). Make sure you attend next years event!


Warm regards,

Chrissy Steinhardt



Congratulations to the winners!

Champion : Chow Mun Yuen (Speakers’ Dream TMC)

1st Place : Leong Kok Wah (MII TMC)

2nd Place : Emil Anthony (MAS Mawar TMC)

Here are your pictures from the Contest! Enjoy! =D

Click on the below link to access the pictures:

3rd Place: Emil Anthony "Kopitiam Toastmasters"

2nd Place: Leong Kok Wah "The Last Wing Chun Master"

Champion: Chow Mun Yuen "Everyone Plagiarized Me!"

Speakers Dream: One BIG happy family!

Happy Birthday to ACB Lawrence Hoo!

Happy birthday to our dearest President who likes to keep his age a secret on Facebook, ACB Lawrence Hoo! =D

“It takes a long time to grow young.”


Directions to KGPA for Tall Tales Contest

Good day friends,

Append below are directions on how to get to Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam.

Just drive into KGPA when you reach there. Do take note that the parking is always and will ever be F.O.C!

Look out for these important landmarks: KGPA is just opposite Eastin Hotel and The Star Newspaper Tower.

Tall Tales – Who are the Contestants?

Just ONE more day to go for Tall Tales this coming Saturday!

I bet you are dying to know who are the contestants who will be battling to become the biggest liars in the Toastmasters’ arena now!

You’re just in luck! We have 12 contestants (we initially wanted to have 11, but we overshot by having 12!)  from TMC clubs from all over PJ and KL!  =D

1. Speakers’ Dream TMC

  • Darcy Steinhardt
  • Chow Mun Yuen
  • Mark Lee

2. KL Advanced TMC

  • Victor Ong

3. MAS Mawar TMC

  • Emil Anthony

4. MAS Melor TMC

  • Thiagarajah


  • Leong Kok Wah


  • Hadzrin Shah


  • Tan Ken Wayne

8. Mid Valley TMC

  • Gerard Peter
  • Keith Ho

9. Extol TMC

  • S. K. Ratnam