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Installation Nite 2010! Pinkish Fiesta!

Pinky Queen and Pinky.. Queen??

I’ve attended quite a many Toastmasters’ organized installations nite but the one by Speakers’ Dream TMC on 25th September 2010 was in my opinion the best ever. I had a whale of a time and I am sure most of those who attended it can vouch the same.

So, say AYE if you agree, say AYE if you don’t and say AIYA (while hitting your forehead hard) if you failed to attend it!!

Well for starters our night was PINK and what better nite than to see PINK handsome hunks? The club’s President’s claiming himself “helluva Metrosexual” was an understatement of the year.  Also the chicks were so SEXY that I  witnessed many ogling pairs of eyes. Not excluding the other handsome hunks who also were causing a lot of wet napkins by the ladies. That night, the term ‘opposite sexes attracts’ was not completely true as  we witnessed attraction from the people of the same poles! OK, the night was bordering on gay-territory as we heard one PINK member confessed to us…

“Dear FATHER, I have been naughty cause it was only last night that I discovered I love HOT chicks BUT my love for HANDSOME HUNKS were more true to my heart”

Too bad for those who did not get to watch as those lines were uttered when Speakers’ Dream embroiled itself in a sort of scandal. But who’s to say that Toastmasters only improves your public speaking skill, this club also uncovers hidden acting skills among the members. We had great actors & actresses that night (of particular mention are the sporting Steinhardts couple).

Apart from the installation session, when we tried to stay “serious”, the rest of the night was high ho hilarious, with uproarious speeches (more a riotous than humorous really) contest, of which the clear winner was the metrosexual Darcy Steinhardt. I nearly lost my voice as my tears role and my tummy ache from overlaughing by his gags. The newly anointed manager, Mun Yuen came in second while the other Steinhardt, the beautiful and sexy Chrissy spotting a bump in that traditional pink wear, came in third.

Chrissy also top herself by not only winning the best dressed for lady alongside her hubby, Darcy for guys, by clinching the Toastmaster of The Year award. The effervescent and affable lady really made a huge impact on Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters Club more so coming along only her 2nd year in the club.

And I am not over with Chrissy yet. She was also the Game Master blindfolding us while we pick safety pins from lunchboxes of rice. Yours truly am proud that she was the clear winner in all the rounds she sat in, conclusively announced herself a ‘rice barrel’ while concurred by all.

Having to rush from a Division competition and then to brave the rain for a quick change to a pink ensemble (else the penalty for pinkless outfit is to expose your pinkish body parts, of which I must commend Weng Cheong for saving himself from displaying his nipples with a quick-witted save of a campy star-studded cap)  I must say I had a great time catching up with new and old friends that night.

Thanks Ismail and team for organising a memorable night, ordering such sumptuous food and wonderful gifts to most of us. Thanks to the Area Governor, CC Kang CC and Division Governor DTM Vincent Hor for commemorating the evening. Thanks to the MC, DTM Loghan for making the night GREAT and of course to the rest for without them there won’t be as much laughters. What a nite indeed.

Back to you

– Written by VPPR Ng Lay Choo, posted by Vincent

The Steinhardts look like a perfect couple!

Aww.. so sweet!

Oops.. serious time! Show that macho body, Lawrence!

Vincent is enjoying this, he even closed his eyes! >_<

Our bubbly pinkish emcee, K. Loghandran!

Speakers' Dream ROCKS!

Lawrence Hoo with IPP Ismail Fahmy


See our President in Sexy Pink!

Lawrence Hoo with past past president, Robert Hue

Important message from our sexy President:

Dear all,

I usually spend my weekend stuck inside my house reading books and watching reruns of Southpark(a tv series with strong, objectionable toilet humor).

But once a year, I get to immerse myself in ridiculous outfit to satisfy my disturbing personality(I am not telling you what it is). I call it Installation Nite.

And it’s tomorrow at KGPA Restaurant 7pm.

Watch me at my best ensemble of “PINK”!! What would you see of me? Psychedelic? Campy? Over-the-top Sassyness? Or just plain hot one helluva Metrosexual?

Come and you decide…

Then again, decide for yourself first.

I’ll see you there!

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Scroll down if you dare! =D

Is our President gonna look like this??

Tall Tales Contest (November 20)

Tall Tales Contest 2010

Speakers’ Dream TM is proud to bring you the long awaited Tall Tales Contest! This time, it will be bigger and better than ever, and superstars from various Toastmasters club are coming over to become the biggest liars they can be!

Tall Tales Contest will be open on Saturday, November 20th 2010 at Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam. Click here for directions on how to go there.

What is Tall Tales?

A tall take is a fictional story with exaggerated details. We all crave a good “yarn” every once in a while, The best and the funniest liars will be there .There know that you will be able to suspend your disbelief and allow the speakers to entertain you with their creative skills of yarn spinning.

Who is able to join?

The contest is open to all Toastmasters with participation limited to eight from outside Speakers’ Dream. This will be on a first come first served basis. This is an opportunity to discover your talents and another platform to display your speaking skills acquired in Toastmasters.

Each contestant is required to purchase tickets for ten of your supporters from your club.

Rules and Procedures

The Toastmasters contest 2010 rules for tall tales contest shall apply.

Extract of the Rules

The Tall Tale contest is very similar to a normal meeting except that
all speakers that day will be regaling us with a 3 to 5 minute long tall tale of their own making.

* Contestants must prepare their own three- to five minute speech, which must be substantially original and certified as such to the chief judge by the contestants prior to the presentation of the speeches. Any quoted material must be so identified during the speech presentation.

* The speech must be of a highly exaggerated, improbable nature and have a theme or plot. Humour and props may be used to support or illustrate the speech.

Prizes for contestants

Prizes shall be award for 1ST 2nd and 3rd positions.Certificate of participation will be given to all participants.

Prizes for audience members!

Great news! Audience members also stand a chance to win themselves wonderful prizes from our sponsors!

An audience member can use their ticket as a voting slip, and be able to vote their favorite speaker in this order: 1ST, 2ND and 3RD winners.

The audience member with the vote closest to the actual announced results will win a biggie!


Please call for tickets:

Mun Yuen – 016-2187876

Md. Noor- 019-3211206

Siew Chien- 012 3113026

Or email

If your lie is not believable enough, your pants will be on fire!

See you there! =D

Divison W Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contests 2010!

Darcy Steinhardt standing tall among the winners of Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contests 2010!

Congratulations to Darcy Steinhardt for winning 2nd runner-up for Divison W Evaluation Contest 2010!

It is a wonderful achievement for Darcy to win a prestigious prize in such a high level, and Speakers’ Dream TM is very proud and honored to have Darcy to represent the club for BOTH Humorous Speech and Evaluation contests!

Even though the other contestants were fantastic, you sir, (If I’m correct) No man has such for a very long time be able to participate in two contests at the same time and still did his best like he was the king of the world!

Thank you Darcy for your amazing efforts! You have inspired all of us to do our utmost best for any future contests to come! Chrissy Steinhardt must be smiling from ear to ear right now.

To view more photos, click here.

Darcy strutting his stuff on Division stage!

Darcy passionately answers an interview question on his love interest, Chrissy

Darcy receiving his all-important cert

Speakers' Dream troupe comes to support!

Word of Appreciation from Victor Ong

A guest writing from Victor Ong, who earlier came to Speakers’ Dream meeting on Sept 13, 2010. It can be viewed at his blog: As I See It.

I made my way to the Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam (KGPA) to attend the Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters meeting. And I was invited to be the evaluator for the third speaker, Vincent Chow who was delivering his CC speech # 6: Vocal Variety. He reminded me of me! He has great vocals although I did tell him that his speech was somewhat disjointed. Still, I did enjoy his presentation titled “No Arms, No Legs, No Worries”. And by the way, I was voted the Best Evaluator. Overall, I have enjoyed this evening’s meeting – although the energy level could be more uplifting – and I look forward to making a return visit. I had also agreed to participate in the club’s Tall Tales contest that is being organized in November, that serves as an excuse for me to come back!

Installation Night @ 25 Sept 2010

It’s time to be Pink, wear Pink, and feel Pink!

As the sun sets on Sept 25, 2010, the PINK PATROL will arrive in their finest ensemble fully equipped with feather boa and chiffon-laced skirt; male participants are encouraged to comply.

It’s Hari Raya, time to Celebrate!

Word of the Day: Fiesta!

On the 4th day of Raya, 13 Sept 2010, we kicked out our meeting with a celebratory blast!

First, apparently the chefs from KGPA Golf Course has read our blog! Our Webmaster has expressed his wish to have ketupat for refreshments, and to his amazement, the ketupat REALLY CAME! It’s no wonder the food came late, the chefs are busily preparing ketupat and big servings of spicy sambal for our members and guests!

Second, DTM S.K. Ratnam from Extol TM is here to grace our meeting, alongside with Victor Ong from D’Utama Advanced TM and Ruth Ting from D’Utama TM!

Third, our IPP Ismail Fahmy came adorning his best baby-blue Baju Melayu, and Michele with her silky Baju Kurung. The room was dazzled with Raya cards all over the room, and even dates were served to everyone in the room! (This is the first time our Webmaster has ever eaten a date in his entire life!)

Dates! mm.. Sweet and chewy!

Our TME Ismail Fahmy made an important point in our meeting: It’s OK for Toastmasters to make mistakes, because from mistakes come opportunities to learn and grow into a better speaker. That’s how Toastmasters improve their speaking skills by listening to evaluations and focus on aspects that needs a touch of spiciness!

Funnyman DTM K. Loghandran shared with us, during Hari Raya time, our Muslim friends fast & feast at the same time! But it is during Hari Raya time when they have a fixed date to ask for forgiveness. After telling two heartwarming stories on forgiveness, Loghan cheekily asked us to also fix a date and ask for forgiveness from our parents for any wrongs we may have done in the past. To ask for forgiveness is perhaps the most powerful but sincerest expression in our lives.

In the spirit of Hari Raya, our Table Topics Master Asyfar Rahman has provided us topics in Green Packets, with money inside!

Yes! Money slipped in with Table Topics!

Our newest member Christine Hwee got herself the topic Duit Raya. She was ‘excited’ receiving the money and told us that by receiving money packets from our family relatives, aunties, uncles alike, we can appreciate celebrating the festive season together.

Spontaneous Mark Lee shared his personal view on Balik Kampung using his favorite movie Slumdog Millionaire to express his ideas.

‘Troublemaker’ Jasper struts to the stage to attempt his topic: Meeting old friends & family members. He said he loved meeting old friends and catching up with life, and also goes back to Penang, despite the treacherous journey on the way there, to see his parents whom he loved.

Charming Ruth from D’Utama TM went on with her crunchy topic: Baking home-made cookies and opined that how delicious you bake your cookies will determine how wonderful you can be a housewife!

Bubbly Michele lets her experience known on her topic: Open houses. Even though she have never attended any open houses at all, she lets out her frustration when it was hard to navigate to her house when all the parking lots were taken by open house visitors, and she could even smell the over-powering smell of food from the open houses. Gosh, our Webmaster is hungry typing this.

And finally we invited K. Loghandran to Do His Thing for Table Topics! (It’s been ages since he has done one Topic) He got his favorite topic: Food! He spent his well-earned 2 minutes with two stories, one where he attended an open house for drug addicts, and another experience when he knew a blind friend, who attended an open house, is able to listen to all the happiness and excitement there. He is able to play with the 5 human senses. He made his speech flavorful, but also with an important message in it.

(DTM S.K. Ratnam jokingly asked us to challenge K. Loghandran in Table Topics for future meetings!)

And with that, Mark Lee won the Best Table Topic Speaker award for delivering a strong impromptu speech!

Mark Lee - Best Table Topic Speaker!

Up next, comes in our awaited CC Speech Assignments!

Newest member Christine Hwee is up with her Ice-Breaking Speech! She is used to living under a single-parent. When Christine was a small young innocent girl, her mother used to take her to the playground and bought her ice-cream. Living under a single parent sure has made Christine to be more courageous to live out her life.

She used to be an ugly duckling during her kindergarten years, and may be a black sheep among her other younger, naive classmates. However, he met a boy brimming with sunshine, and they soon become a romantic couple. Unfortunately, after graduation from kindergarten, she lost contact with her charming Romeo for years.

Finally, Fate decided that they meet up together when Christine grew into a big girl. She realised that the boy she adores actually stays in the same neighborhood, and his dad working as a herbalist. She never had a chance to say ‘Hello’ to her boy because she was worried the boy might not recognize Christine anymore. So she let him be.

(The Webmaster feels awful and advised Christine to go back to her Romeo now!)

She also introduced her profession as a pharmacist. What inspired her to sell medicine to doctors was her fascination to how vaccines can be the best medicines to cure mankind. Christine also mentioned that our President, Lawrence Hoo was a good mentor and colleague to her too.

She ended her speech by saying that the many people she met has left her strong impressions in her heart. She encouraged us that

1. We should not be ashamed of our past.

2. We should not take things for granted.

3. We have to persevere and be determined to live out our life.

Our next speaker, Ming-See Michele Chang got off to her flying start with her  CC No. 2 speech “Uniqueness of Malaysia”.

Michele and her family went for a small reunion at a relative’s house and her mother’s grand-aunt came back with her two granddaughters from the island of Aruba, near Venezuala of South America. The granddaughters couldn’t held their excitement when they told Michele about their trip to Malaysia, and that what got her inspired to do a speech on Malaysia.

Michele said Malaysia is unique in 3 ways:

Firstly, the big varieties of food and the rich cultures dotting Malaysia, especially the Mamak culture!

Second, she touched on how so many Malaysians are so conversant with their proficiency in many languages, particularly the usage of the word ‘LAH!’

Third, we also agreed with her that Malaysia breeds a unique kind of kiasu and kiasi drivers!

Kiasu drivers! Hmmrph!

Our third speaker, Vincent Chow is up with his inspirational CC No. 6 Speech: No Arms, No Legs, No Worries.

Vincent touched on the life of Nick Vujicic, a motivational speaker from Melbourne, Australia who was born with no arms and no legs.Yet he is able to live and adapt his life doing things that we normal human beings can do like shaving his face, combing his hair, swimming and even playing soccer! Yet he also achieves in becoming a successful stock market investor, a loving husband and an author to his soon-to-be-released book “Life Without Limits”.

Nick Vujicic is an inspirational figure

Vincent vitalizes us to follow three simple steps to make life great:

1. Look at life through a fresh perspective. By making mistakes into lessons for advancement.

2. Broaden your own vision. Set a goal and direct all your energy towards fulfilling it.

3. Make your own choices. Rely less on other people’s judgment.


And with that, our Best Assignment Speaker award goes to Ming-See Michele Chang!

Michele made us love Malaysia a bit more.

We also give the Best Evaluator Award to ACG Victor Ong for evaluating Vincent Chow!

Victor Ong - Best Evaluator Award!

Speakers’ Dream also celebrated the induction of our newest member, Christine Hwee!

Christine - From ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan

Speakers’ Dream would like to wish again: Selamat Hari Raya to all Musliman and Muslimin, and happy holidays to the rest! Deepavali is coming around the corner!

Cheers! On behalf of Speakers’ Dream,

– Vincent signing off =P